Ever​-​Crushed At Pecket's Well

by We Came Out Like Tigers

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Kirby Forsythe
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Kirby Forsythe I cannot think of any other album that has an intro track that opens an album quite as strong as this one does. From there, it is an assault to yourself and all around you, grinding your jaw as every frustration lingers and every problem manifests. Favorite track: Tribulation.
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So things got worse and we got sad. We found disappointment at every turn: we sang songs about changing the world because we believed we could, we played this music because we thought punk rock was a scene that would never allow fascists, sexists, homophobes and their apologists to be tolerated, but such ideas seemed to be little more than a token mention whilst people awkwardly tuned instruments. We thought that heavy music was played by people with heavy opinions, heavy souls who wanted to have heavy late night conversations. We thought people valued originality and integrity over petty attempts at fame and recognition. We thought our little band releasing a little record could contribute to the resistance, could keep the flame alive.

We must be naïve or stupid or both, because here we are with another record, because we refuse to give up. We refuse to believe that smashing Nazi's means anything less than just that, we refuse to believe that we need a 'manager', we refuse to believe that you have to fawn over pornographers to get your shitty video premièred to get you on that next "rad" tour. And if punk rock never stood for freedom in the first place then fuck it, lets use a new word and carry on the only way we feel comfortable, and lets make this scene a safe place for those that are well intentioned, and a dangerous place for those who aren't.

We have recorded five of the angriest, saddest songs we have ever written.

12' /500 (150 Brown Splatter, 350 Green)


released April 14, 2014

Released via Dog Knights Productions.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tom Dring in early 2014 at Vagrant Recordings, UK.

All songs by We Came Out Like Tigers.



all rights reserved


We Came Out Like Tigers Liverpool, UK

Screamo from Liverpool, UK

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Track Name: Tribulation
Death, 'tis a melancholy day
To those who have no God,
When the poor soul is forced away
To seek her last abode.

In vain to heav'n she lifts her eyes,
For guilt a heavy chain,
Still drags her downward from the skies
To darkness, fire and pain.
Track Name: To Ruin A Fine Tenor Voice
It gets worse.
We woke up one day and all we do is work.
We all talk about how we hate this place but are we so naïve as to think things could be better?
The grass is no longer green because we poisoned it all.
There's no distance great enough to separate yourself from your inadequacies,
You can never run fast enough to escape their line of sight.
You have all the look of a skull but with none of the grinning charm,
Lank hair, sharp ribs, stop what you are doing and sleep.
Minds are lost, smiles are lost, confidence is lost,
You are dishonest and lost, shuttered and struggling.
Track Name: Concrete Blocks of Empathy
I hope the final blow of your hands against my teeth
cause lacerations of sufficient irritation
that I can splutter one last laugh.
The only reason I don't turn tail and run, is because
Spite will crash me against your shorelines, keep me ragged and close,
Keep me ragged and close.
The actions of the outer regions of love and hatred manifest themselves in remarkably similar ways.
Where is the ceiling of your tolerance set?
What level of cruelty are you prepared to accept?
Did you mean what you said? Did you mean what you said?
Your pacifism undermines the sincere devotion of love.
I am here for revenge.
Track Name: Careworn
I hesitate to commit this to words,
for as they rise through my mouth they take root in my brain,
and ever more real will ever remain.
Ever since the hospital,
the opiates and the ketamine,
we're harder now in everything.
Oh misery, accept we five.
Death's false start,
his failure our triumph,
has left us ever waiting his certain early return.
Ever tense for adjudicators whistle
that will bring us to the ring again,
casts a shadow over every day,
that won't be lifted until he's taken away.
Uncertainty once relieved,
will be replaced with all the the relief a coffin can give,
And not a thing can be done about it,
and so are our lives;
Track Name: We Have Not Reached Conclusion
I refuse for this to be conclusion,
As I shrink inwards.
As things ever worsen, as things ever worsen,
Life will be my next defiance.
Be it in jails or this rented house,
Sooner a dour path than an ignorant one.
I would exchange any semblance of youth for stronger hands, tougher fists.
I will trade what charm I have for firmer resolve.
Even when so much anger has coursed through these veins I do not doubt that they will be fit to pump joy.
I need only knowledge enough to spell out freedom,
I need only enough life blood to see out the struggle.
I refuse for this to be conclusion.
And a restless summers end wind reminds me of how handsome we will be in the frost,
I will walk this frozen path of hatred until I reach the thaw.